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Baby Cakes Bakeryyy started off as something that was an artistic outlet for me.  Baking was something I had very little experience in but had a lot of fun doing. Over the years, my knowledge and skills slowly grew, and I was loving every moment of it.  In 2019, I was asked to participate in Food Networks “Halloween Baking Championship”! I had to compete against some AMAZING bakers with some AMAZING skills.  That experience helped push me outside my comfort zone, and deeper into the world of baking, and this is where Baby Cakes Bakeryyy truly started to become what it is today.

Self taught, growing every day, and learning from people around me are things I will take with me, every single step of this journey.

In the cake community, we don’t see many black male bakers. I don’t fit the “mold” of what a “traditional” cake artist looks like… And I will use this to drive me. Always. I never want anyone to feel like they shouldn’t be baking because of what they see on social media, because of who is dominating the cake scene, because they feel they don’t fit the mold, or because someone has gotten into their head about the profession.  If I can inspire one person to follow their passion of baking… My job here is done 🙌

~ Sheldon ~

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